Below are some of our Digital Product lines…please inquire for MANY others. – Audioquest – Line Magnetic – REGA – Rega’s philosophy is to make high quality products at sensible prices, as a means of reproducing music as faithfully as possible. Rega is committed to the design and development of new and existing products, both in hi-fi and other areas that will perpetuate Rega’s values of quality and value for money. Rotel – SONOS – If you love music, you’ll love Sonos. It’s as simple as that. Because only Sonos makes it so easy to add music to your life. In one room. Or many. Playing the music you own or endless songs and stations streaming from the internet. It’s a wireless multi-room music system unlike any other. One that sets up instantly and expands effortlessly.  

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    Andrew Linkner



    Are you and authorised Quad dealer?

    I’d like to demo an Artera Player if possible.


    Andy Linkner

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